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Waterleaks platform

This project is for developing a permanently free platform useful for reporting the exact position of potable water leaks anytime, anywhere.

One difficult part resides on classifying each water leak by responsible potable water organization for providing them the important information as soon as one water leak has been reported.

There are also other challenges, like preventing the misuse of the platform, such as spamming.

Here is a demo of how it would work: We have developed around 70%.


The place we live in is full of potable water leaks, because it is a neighborhood with many trees close to the potable water pipelines.

Those pipes are broken by the roots of the trees as they continue to grow.

Most people are indifferent with regards to the potable water leakage, mainly because of the effort they need to call the local potable water organization and tell them about the leak.

After their calls, the issue may still be unresolved due to the lack of an exact location of the leakage.

The points we wrote on this demo were true potable water leaks that we found while walking different routes everyday.