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Definition of ubit (unpredictable bit)

We propose this definition as the quantum of information randomness.

One ubit (unpredictable bit) has the following properties:

Theoretical background

One unpredictable event impedes all its predictors from knowing two of its magnitudes simultaneously: one previous state and all further transformations until its occurrence.

For example: the result of measuring the exact position of a given particle at a given time is unpredictable due to the uncertainty principle.

Estimating unpredictability of random number generators

It is possible to estimate the unpredictability of random number generators analyzing how many ubits determine the value of each output bit: The more ubits determine each output bit, the more unpredictable it is, being the highest unpredictability: ∞ ubits/1 bits, the lowest: 0 ubits/1 bits, and the optimum for a true random number generator: 1 ubits/1 bits.

After years of research, we formulated the hypothesis, that the main source of randomness in the entire universe, is the zero-point energy. This would explain, why only hardware is able to generate true and unpredictable random numbers: any software without relationship with the zero-point energy, lacks randomness.

Zero-point energy seems to be the responsible force for moving everything everywhere: it seems to be the creator of time.

Shannon entropy formula measures the equiprobability, while unpredictability is unmeasurable, because the result of unpredictable events becomes deterministic once measured.