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Tinystar nuclear fusion reactor for spaceships

This open source project concept is for building an open source nuclear fusion reactor designed for providing energy to spaceships.

It is open source, so that everyone is able to apport something. One never knows who is going to bring the next technological advances.

Its name is based on the fact, that nuclear fusion reaction is responsible for providing energy to the stars and is the same that would provide energy to spaceships that use this kind of technology.

Its design would make use of solutions provided by human beings and also by artificial intelligence. This is one constructive application of artificial intelligence :D

The Max-Plank-Institute in Germany used artificial intelligence for designing the nuclear fusion reactor Wendelstein 7-X.

The next challenge is to build this kind of technology for spaceships and preferably using Birth of freedom space factory.

One advantage of using a nuclear fusion reactor for providing energy to a spaceship is that its main fuel is hydrogen.

Besides of having solar energy devices like Open solar sunshine flower cells, a starcruiser must have a long-term source of energy that uses storable fuel for crossing the interstellar space.