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Cyber safety tips for girls using Tinder

In this page I wrote some tips for helping girls protect themselves from stalkers and other people who might have malicious intentions.

As an user of online dating apps, my biggest dream is that mankind uses these apps for good vibe dating purposes only, resulting on everyone being happier.

It has been frustrating for me to match girls, who require a lot of time for trusting any match, because they had negative experiences in their past. It is even unfair.

If I can sow a small seed, that helps people to have more positive experiences, I hope one day all human beings trust each other like brothers and sisters, since we all are a huge family.

If your online dating app is showing your distance between you and your matches, then a wise stalker may know your approximate location. Though it may have few meters/kilometers of inaccuracy.

A professional stalker might find your social networks profiles and more details about you. In general all your public information might be used to track you by someone you would prefer to avoid in your life.

Unmatch people who don't inspire you confidence

If you have a match, who is not inspiring you confidence, there is no reason to continue showing him/her your public information, mainly precise details, such as your work, background and distance.

The more time you wait, the more exposed you are. It took me few hours once to know the approximate location of two tinder matches, when I experimentally tried to track them.

Unmatch people who are not talking to you

Something common for girls is to match guys who don't talk to them. This is common because of one reason described here: Why do guys unmatch girls on Tinder?

If after few days your match is not talking to you, the most probable is that it will continue like that.

Additionally we guys always give more attention to girls who behave with an attitude of challenging us.

If your match realizes, that you gave him a chance (a match with you) and then he lost it, because he didn't talk to you, then it is probable he will value more any further chance you give him.

Unmatch people with who you are talking in another place already

This might be a good strategy as well for having more attention of the person you match.

In my five years of experience using online apps for knowing people, I have never talked again using the app, that connected us.

However during my experience on dating apps, all girls kept me as a match when we were already talking in facebook, whatsapp, etc.

The longer you keep the match, anyone with malicious intentions would have more chances for knowing more about you. For example details about the place you live and study/work.

To be honest, girls who would unmatch me once we started to talk on another place, would have more of my attention, since they would be sending me this message:
I do not care too much about you! If you lose me in WhatsApp, you would have lost your chance!
Following this tip, you would protect yourself, in the meantime you are knowing your match. Trust needs time to be built. This might be a double pro for you.

Read links before opening them

There are many cyber resources that can be used for knowing more about you and even hacking your phone/accounts.

As an online dating apps user, I have felt constrained, when using apps without the feature for sending pictures and videos.

Sometimes I have just uploaded private content, then sent the links to my matches, who opened them without any safety measure.

When they opened those links, they provided me information, such as their IP address and user agent. The last one may include the phone model.

This information is provided by the HTTP protocol to any website you visit. Privacy policies shoud have more deatils about the way this information is being collected and processed.

When experimenting about this, in less than 48 hours of matching girls, I knew their first name, age, pictures, workplace/school, approximate location, phone number, phone model, IP address and it is possible to know more.

My matches felt confidence to open the links of pictures and videos I made for them before sharing me their WhatsApp/phone number.

I trust mankind, and I believe that the majority of people you will know in internet, will send you good links, without any kind of malicious intention.

My recommendation is to just read the links carefully before opening them.

You can trust that any link of google, youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, wikipedia and popular sites will be safe, but be careful that it is google.com and not goolge.com.

If the site is not familiar to you (for example: servertest.online), then you can google about it before opening the link. If it inspires you confidence, then open it.

The link itself can provide you enough information about the content, for example: stalker.me/virus.exe

Though no professional stalker nor hacker would send you an obvious link. Before opening any link, you can scan it using virustotal.com free service and urlscan.io as well.

Is online dating safe for girls?

It is real, that the more connected our civilization is, the more the Internet knows about us. This is something intrinsic of the natural development of technology.

I would say, that this has more pros than cons. We can improve the way we protect ourselves, our information and our identity in this interconnected civilization.

With online dating apps, some users might be exposed, mainly those without expertise in fields like ethical hacking and cyber security.

During my experience on dating apps, I am finding a majority of girls, who are easy preys for professional hackers/stalkers.

I would say, that online dating is safe. We just have to be careful sometimes, then everything should be fine. That's it : )