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Open solar sunshine flower cells

If humankind wants to become an interplanetary civilization, then human beings have to unite.

Open source is an efficient way for uniting intellects of different people around the globe.

Space technology requires energy and before being able to build Tinystar nuclear fusion reactor for spaceships we would depend on solar energy.

This is the reason to suggest this open source project concept as the beginning of the interplanetary human era.

We can unite many intellects around the world, in order to design more efficient solar energy cells.

Having these cells, we can start building a bigger international space station until it is big enough for building space technology while orbiting the earth.

Once it is able to build techonology, it can improve itself until becoming a full complex halo, that hosts millions of human beings.

Then humankind would probably have evolved enough for traveling to other stars.

Anyone who reads this and has knowledge about solar energy, could be a pioneer of this open source project concept :D