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Stardust first starcruiser

This open source project concept is for developing an open source design of the first starcruiser built by the humankind.

In order to achieve an optimum complex and intricate design, we propose to make use of computer science and discrete models, such as conditional coloring to for example, design its fiber optic network, which would control all spaceship's systems and provide connectivity between all its triuplants.

Other use of computer science is to design a Tinystar nuclear fusion reactor for spaceships.

It would have a long-term source of energy, a dock for smaller spaceships, tanks for storing fuel, engineering station, medical services, computing central, rooms for the tripulants and more.

In general the technology used for building spaceships is the same regardless of their size and these are their main components: Computer science can be used for improving this technology :D

If humankind wants to become an interplanetary civilization, it has to unite and open source is one way for letting all human beings work together on the same project.