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Spacetimum air traffic optimization system

Now that the era of flying cars is coming:

AeroMobil 3.0 - official video - YouTube

Unmanned Taxi In UAE - Drone Taxi Dubai EHang 184 - YouTube

The Lilium Jet – The world's first all-electric VTOL jet - YouTube

Then the skies are going to be complicated: there are already a lot of airplines in the air.

Now lets sum drones delivering shippings, drones for different purposes and flying cars.

We can use artificial intelligence for keeping always all aerial devices with an optimum trajectory under safe circumstances.

It is also important to mention, that people building skyscrapers should start to consider the integration of docks for flying cars.

Imagine skyscrapers with exclusive levels for this purpose, where your uber-style autonomous taxi picks you up.

This open source project concept is for developing an open source traffic system, that makes use of quantum annealers and artificial intelligence for optimizing the route of each flying object, keeping everything moving safe and optimally.

It should consider the three spatial dimensions and time.

Because this system could be also implemented outside earth, it should make use of vector calculus.

A feasible application of this for space technology is a mothership with thousands of smaller spaceships moving around.

There are people already developing artificial intelligence systems for optimizing the traffic of non-flying cars :D