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True random number generator: pandom

This true random number generator outputs on demand through /dev/random 8 KiB/s entropy of 64 ubits/64 bits.

Compatible with physical and virtual environments. Assumes, that no other root's process writes to /dev/random.

Current available version for linux kernel 2.6.9 and newer with amd64 / x86_64 processor. Installation tutorial here.

Recommended test before installing
apt-get install pandom-test
#takes 8 minutes
#makefile as su
make check

apt-get install pandom
#makefile as su (by init type)
make install-init.d |-systemd


#init.d based init system
/etc/init.d/random status
/etc/init.d/random start
/etc/init.d/random stop
/etc/init.d/random restart
#systemd as init system
systemctl status random
systemctl start random
systemctl stop random
systemctl restart random

Proof of unpredictability

#makefile as su
make install-kern
#boot linux with these parameters
rw init=/usr/lib/pandom/kern
entropyarray /usr/lib/pandom/checkme

Sample output