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The Technological Singularity News

This is a social news website for submitting links related to the technological singularity.

It is an alternative for reddit and ycombinator hacker news.

1The ones that hopes to join a society of faggets can go to this site 10/10 (www.kurdistan24.net)
2Aliens have created this website (facebook.com)
3Self watching videos (redtube.com)
4This Mini Wind Turbine Can Power Your Home in a Gentle Breeze (singularityhub.com)
5Machine Reasoning Gets a Boost With This Simple New Algorithm (singularityhub.com)
6What These Lifelike Androids Can Teach Us About Being Human (singularityhub.com)
77 Critical Skills For the Jobs of the Future (singularityhub.com)
8Understanding the Real Innovation Behind the iPhone (singularityhub.com)
9Forget Flying Cars, the Future Is Driving Drones (singularityhub.com)
10Canada Is Building a 7 Megawatt-Hour Compressed Air Energy Storage Plant (singularityhub.com)
11Artificial Intelligence Predicts Death to Help Us Live Longer (singularityhub.com)
12Why the Future of Stuff Is Having More and Owning Less (singularityhub.com)
13This Augmented Reality Helmet Helps Firefighters See Through Smoke to Save Lives (singularityhub.com)
14‘Biological Teleportation’ Edges Closer With Craig Venter’s Digital-to-Biological Converter (singularityhub.com)
15Is the Brain Augmentation Hype Justified? Here’s an Expert’s Take (singularityhub.com)
16Is Universal Basic Income a Solution to Tech Unemployment? (singularityhub.com)
176 Things Quantum Computers Will Be Incredibly Useful For (singularityhub.com)
18New Virtual World Sansar Is Ready to Pick Up Where Second Life Left Off (singularityhub.com)
19This Tech Could Charge Electric Cars While They Drive (singularityhub.com)
20Is There a Multidimensional Mathematical World Hidden in the Brain’s Computation? (singularityhub.com)
21Deep Learning at the Speed of Light on Nanophotonic Chips (singularityhub.com)
22Designing Antiviral Proteins via Computer Could Help Halt the Next Pandemic (singularityhub.com)
23Connecting People to Prosperity in the Exponential Age (singularityhub.com)
24These 7 Disruptive Technologies Could Be Worth Trillions of Dollars (singularityhub.com)
25Why Interstellar Travel Will Be Possible Sooner Than You Think (singularityhub.com)
26Forget Police Sketches: Researchers Perfectly Reconstruct Faces by Reading Brainwaves (singularityhub.com)
27Neural Implant Tech Raises the Specter of Brainjacking (singularityhub.com)
28How Blockchain Can Make Identification Borderless and Immutable (singularityhub.com)
295 Fintech Companies Using AI to Improve Business (singularityhub.com)
30Get It While It’s Hot: Why Fintech Is a Goldmine for Investors (singularityhub.com)
31Quantum Computers Will Analyze Every Financial Model at Once (singularityhub.com)
32Technology Will Erase Jobs—But Also Make Everything Cheap or Free (singularityhub.com)
33Beyond Politics: Innovating for a Sustainable Future (singularityhub.com)
34Tune Into the Future of Fintech at Exponential Finance This Week (singularityhub.com)
35Here Are the Microsurgeons That Will Soon Roam Our Bodies (singularityhub.com)
36No More Playing Games: AlphaGo AI to Tackle Some Real World Challenges (singularityhub.com)
37What Happens When Cyborg Tech Goes Beyond Medicine? (singularityhub.com)
38Society Is Destroying and Rebuilding Itself for the Networked Age (singularityhub.com)
39How Robots Will Win Your Trust (singularityhub.com)
40Limitless Lab-Grown Blood Is ‘Tantalizingly Close’ After 20 Years (singularityhub.com)
41Google’s AI Building AI Is a Step Toward Self-Improving AI (singularityhub.com)
427 Big Tech Trends That Are Changing the Way We Make Things (singularityhub.com)
43How to Build a Mind? This Theory May Guide Us Toward an Answer (singularityhub.com)
44A Mars Survival Guide: Finding Food, Water, and Shelter on the Red Planet (singularityhub.com)
45George Church indicates reversal of aging will be a reality within ten years (www.nextbigfuture.com)
46These Robots Can Teach Other Robots How to Do New Things (singularityhub.com)
47How Reebok Is Breaking the Mold by ‘3D Drawing’ Shoe Soles (singularityhub.com)
48New AI Mimics Any Voice in a Matter of Minutes (singularityhub.com)
49Google’s AlphaGo AI defeats world Go number one Ke Jie (www.theverge.com)
50Veo Gives Robots ‘Eyes and a Brain’ So They Can Safely Work With People (singularityhub.com)
51How AI Is Like Electricity—and Why That Matters (singularityhub.com)
52This Is What Happens When We Debate Ethics in Front of Superintelligent AI (singularityhub.com)
53New Burger Robot Will Take Command of the Grill in 50 Fast Food Restaurants (singularityhub.com)
54See How This House Was 3D Printed in Just 24 Hours (singularityhub.com)
55Carbon’s Bold Mission to Finally Dematerialize Manufacturing (singularityhub.com)
56Ehang184 autonomous aerial vehicle (www.ehang.com)
57AeroMobil: Flying Car - The Future Is Coming (www.aeromobil.com)
58The Lilium Jet - The world’s first electric vertical take-⁠off and landing jet (lilium.com)
59The Next Great Computer Interface Is Emerging—But It Doesn’t Have a Name Yet (singularityhub.com)
60Uber Is Using AI to Charge People as Much as Possible for a Ride (motherboard.vice.com)
61Define Intelligence (airesearch.com)
62Is This C. Elegans Worm Simulation Alive? (airesearch.com)
63Intelligent Machines and Foolish Humans (airesearch.com)
64Human Immortality Through AI (airesearch.com)