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How to save iptables permanently using netscript command

This tutorial explains how to automatically load linux iptables firewall rules during boot using package netscript-filter instead of iptables-persistent.

1 Installation

This package is available since Debian 7 Wheezy.

apt-get update
apt-get install netscript-ipfilter

2 Saving iptables

Run these commands for saving IPv4 and IPv6 linux firewall rules respectively.

netscript ipfilter save
netscript ip6filter save

3 Managing

You can enable and disable the loading of netscript during boot and also load backups in case you made mistakes.

systemctl  enable netscript
systemctl disable netscript

netscript  ipfilter reload
netscript ip6filter reload

netscript  ipfilter usebackup
netscript ip6filter usebackup