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Funny & Friendly Dancing Robots

We edited the YouTube video Funny & Friendly Boston Dynamics Dancing Robots as an attempt to gift people an amusing moment :D

We are sure that robotics and artificial intelligence will save humankind and planet earth if used responsibly.

For example we can make use of quantum computers to design Stardust first starcruiser and become an interplanetary civilization.

It would be great if humankind would have evolved intellectually enough, in order to make use of technology for peaceful purposes only.

The most sophisticated autonomous machines are the result of highly classified military projects.

Many people feel fear in front of robotics and artificial intelligence.

There is one phrase that i have listened somewhere:
Guns do not kill, people do.
And the same thing applies to technology.

Humankind will eventually invest much resources on trying to have access to the vastness of space, instead of fighting for resources like oil and minerals :D