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Der Flügelflügel space concert hall

This open source project concept is for developing an open source design of a spaceship with the form of a grand piano.

Its german name means "Grand piano wing".

Its purpose is to provide a concert hall, with a beautiful sight to the stars.

This sight would be achievable whenever the tripulation opens the grand piano lid.

Their tripulants may also have the mission of playing humankind's music across the most remote confines of the universe.

The technology used for building one spaceship like this would be the same used for building other spaceships like one that would transport thousands of living beings between earth and mars.

Its most important component would be Tinystar nuclear fusion reactor for spaceships, since it would be the main source of energy.

It would have a big dock for storing many of the visitors' spaceships. Each white key would be an entrance, because it has to provide many entrance points due to the high amount of spaceships traffic before and after each event.

Any graphical contribution would be helpful: before any design there should be an artistic representation. This is a grandpiano with texture of spaceship, where people sit below the open lid, inside the spaceship, enjoying the event while watching the artists and stars.

The lid would be an excellent surface for installing Open solar sunshine flower cells, because in order to let people see the stars, it is better that they are facing to the opposite direction of the closest star. This way while the event takes place, the open lid would provide energy to the spaceship while it is absorbing sunlight, providing a comfortable shadow for improving the spectators' experience :D