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Applications for a better world

Dual-stack IP address tester
FTP Server Online Tester
HTTP/1 Website Online Tester
HTTP/2 Website Online Tester
NTP Server Online Tester
Entropy and Randomness Online Tester

Linux tutorials

How to choose better web hosting services
How to join your linux server to the NTP pool project
How to park domains using ISPConfig default website
How to protect your IPv6 Debian server using fail2ban
How to query and test an NTP server using ntpdate
How to save iptables permanently using netscript command

Random numbers

Definition of ubit (unpredictable bit)
Entropy and serial correlation test
Entropy estimation tool
Intropy compile-time library
Rearray binary tool
True random number generator: pandom

The technological singularity

Birth of freedom space factory
Der Flügelflügel space concert hall
Funny & Friendly Dancing Robots
Interplanetary Network Time Protocol
Open solar sunshine flower cells
Spacetimum air traffic optimization system
Stardust first starcruiser
The singularity could be the result of a cyberwar
Tinystar nuclear fusion reactor for spaceships
Wearable human wings designed by artificial intelligence

Web hosting

Unlimited web hosting service FAQ
Bluehost IPv6 connectivity report 2017
NTP pool connectivity study 2017

Computer science and programming languages

Conditional coloring
Debian repository installation
Do ... while structure improvement
Nested namespaces by classes
Solution for the n-queens problem
Standard shrinkable arrays