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Birth of freedom space factory

This open source project concept is for building a halo around the earth with all elements required for building spaceships like Stardust first starcruiser and Der Flügelflügel space concert hall.

To build spaceships like them is ambitious and would require a lot of autonomous technology.

Thousands of robots and artificial intelligence working together on its design and assembly including also thousands of human beings.

I believe that before building a spaceship of this magnitude, we will need first to build an engineering station orbiting the earth.

It should be easier to build spaceships outisde the earth, instead of inside the earth.

We can use autonomous technology for bringing elements and chemical compounds from all places.

This would probably be the first challenge that humankind must face, in order to build its first starcruiser.

Because energy is one of the most important resources of the universe, we should begin with Open solar sunshine flower cells and Tinystar nuclear fusion reactor for spaceships.

Having access to enough energy and organized autonomous technology, we would be able to build diverse kind of spaceships :D