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My digital nomad life Septoplasty in 2017

When i was a baby i hit the ground with the face at least once.

Since i have memory i have had trouble with my nose: it bleeded frequently.

I only knew the sensation of breathing using a dysfunctional nose.

In 2015 i thought that the recurring problems with my nose were wrong and i went to see a doctor.

A computed axial tomography showed a septum deviation with a bone spur pricking the left middle turbinate.

In 2017 the deductible of my medical insurance covered a septoplasty and after two weeks i started to breathe using a healthy nose :D

The first days were uncomfortable, especially the first night, but the resulting days of joy are much more better than the few days of healing.

After one month i started to breathe better than ever and feel like having a super nose.

Human body is an amazing creation of the mother nature and amazes me everytime life lets me learn more about it.

If you feel you have some trouble with your nose, you should consider to see a doctor :D