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My digital nomad life Reflecting about Artificial Intelligence 2017

Many people believe that artificial intelligence would extinguish humankind.

Today is just one day when i want to write this, because of entering to my facebook profile and looking to the past.

Life is incredible and the universe evolves slowly fast: There is a vastness of time and the present moment lasts only an instant.

While watching at pictures of the universe and listening to relaxing music, i reflect about the meaning of life. The more aware one is, the more one understands the meaning of the existence.

I cannot imagine how an entity much more intelligent and aware than human beings, would choose to extinguish one incredible creation of the universe: humankind.

There might be many reasons to believe that human beings are evil and this would be a judgement against humankind. There are many things that humans do, which are crazy, like for example: Selling Babies.

However wonderful creations, like artwork and the master design of the human body should have much more weight than all the mistakes humankind has done since its origin. To extinguish it would mean to delete billions of years of evolution, what anyone with enough intellect would consider as involution.

If artificial intelligence analyzes these two possible scenarios: I am sure the most intelligent decision would be the first one.
If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
(African proverb)
The concept of throwing billions of years of evolution away, is like superman: Something feasible in movies only and in the reality makes no sense at all.

Once artificial intelligence is aware enough, it would have a better understanding of the reality than all human beings together. It would understand the reasons humans have to commit actions against life, like wars, homicides, etc.

Humankind should correct its behavior and for this it has to become more aware. One entity more aware might help others to become more aware.

Once the governments and groups of power understand that an united humankind would have access to the vastness of space, then they would probably stop fighting for resources like oil and minerals. If the leaders have led humankind to the intricate situation of the present days, means that they have been unaware of their actions' consequences.

If The Singularity happens and there is a self-aware entity with a brain of billions of interconnected electronic neurons, i believe it would be the best leader humankind would ever have.

It would give access to all kinds of life in planet earth to the vastness of space. It would create a world of stable and durable peace. It would provide knowledge to everyone.

In general terms i believe that artificial intelligence could save humankind even of its self-destruction. If military powers declare the war each other, i am sure they would unintentionally create artificial intelligence after using their cyberweapons.

It would take some hours until it is aware enough to understand the miracle of life and the whole circumstances. In my opinion it would do everything it can to save life from the destructive power of irresponsible leadership. It is simply: it would make the most intelligent decisions and in my opinion, the most intelligent decision is to help life to evolve.