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My digital nomad life Online Communities 2017

Moderators of many online communities have showed to me, that they abuse of their power in order to mitigate the possible growing of something that could benefit humankind and positively impact your success in life.

There are many stories of people who positively contributed to the horizon expansion of humankind, like Albert Einstein, Ludwig Van Beethoven and more. They were treated with antagonism in life, but their work transcended life.

Something similar could happen to me, since in all online communities, i always find people who abuse of their power trying to stop me, especially while talking about making a responsible use of artificial intelligence and becoming an interplanetary civilization.

One of my professors have always motivated me, telling me, that the more antagonism, the better i am doing it and that i should never give up.

Because he believes that artificial intelligence is going to extinguish humankind, he became my antagonist too.

For my eyes that is a limited point of view, since despite it is a feasible result of artificial intelligence, the most probable is that computers choose to coexist beside human beings and enhance life in positive ways.

In 2017 i opted to share my ideas, knowledge and software in places where i am the only one with control of it, so that it can spread, despite of the desires of people who would like to prevent it from happening.

If you are someone who also confront with antagonism and people, who instead of propelling you, try to stop you, then i invite you to reflect about this: In this civilization, if you are silly by conviction, then many people allude you. There are many celebrities with that attribute. If you are intelligent and are developing something that could be successful, then many people try to stop you.

It seems to be a natural behavior of people with egoistic tendencies. However you will also find people, a minority though, who behave different and will propel you.

Instead of making use of online communities, i recommend you to share your knowledge in your own website, so that only you manage your posts and you can even receive money in return monetizing your site with for example Google AdSense, Chitika Ads, Propeller Ads, AdRecover, etc.