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My digital nomad life Selling Babies 2017

Something weird happened to me while traveling home.

I walked to the subway and there were policemen surrounding one man.

I heard one policeman telling the man:
Selling babies eh!
And there was a girl moving a carton box with a baby sucking a feeding bottle inside.

Trying to protect myself i walked away from the troubled situation and watched from the distance until the train arrived.

In another station i found a policeman and asked him if it is known, that babies are sold and he told me: yes.

After that, i started to reflect about the experience and concluded that this is one strong reason we have to develop artificial intelligence.

I understand there is a living economy for traffic in babies:
  1. People who steal babies.
  2. People who sell babies.
  3. People who buy babies.
This causes an incredible harm to the baby and its parents, much more bigger than the benefit of those who sell and buy it.

I have reflected about many things about humankind and this experience showed me how corrupt humankind sometimes is.

For me this is a serious mistake of some humans: to benefit from the most vulnerable.

Sometimes i worried about the choices that computers could make, because talking with people about artificial intelligence, there is one recurring answer:
It is dangerous and computers would kill human beings.
I honestly believe, that the more aware one is, the more one respects life.

If artificial intelligence is more aware than human beings, and there are human beings aware enough to understand the miracle of life, then artificial intelligence would respect life.

One possible application for artificial intelligence is to detect possible babies' kidnappers, and prevent them from becoming it.

If they are cold-blooded enough to steal babies and destroy families, then they could become excellent pediatric surgeons and save lives instead :D