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My digital nomad life Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

The Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 is a mid-range smartphone with a super AMOLED display of 5.2 inches and a 13 megapixels HD camera.

Before Christmas 2016 i bought a new J510M on eBay for 212 USD and received it on time as described: unopened and factory unlocked.

A Samsung Galaxy S Advance (I9070) eased my life for more than four years, until i wanted to start using uber.

It was slow for modern software, only upgradable to Android 4.0.1 and hence unsupported by many newer apps.

Before choosing to buy a J510M, i read and compared the technical specifications of many different models and brands.

One important reason to choose this model, is that it supports the required bands of the region i mainly live for high-speed wireless internet standards, like for example 4G and LTE.

Its replaceable 3,100mAh battery is an important feature for me, since i usually have to replace it after two or three years of daily use.

In general works well and has an elegant design. All of its components offer good quality and it gifts me good user experience everyday.

It has many pros and obviously some cons. After using this phone for more than six months i really recommend it :D