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My digital nomad life Anonymous Group in 2012

In 2012 as many people do, i was worried about world war three and the collapse of our civilization.

One day i searched in internet for the words "anonymous 2012" and ended being seduced by a misinformation campaign called project mayhem 2012.

I learnt that anonymous, wikileaks, Julian Assange and many other internet phenomenons are misinformation campaigns conducted by people, who want to confuse minds with dangerous knowledge or ideas for the system.

Anyone with enough knowledge about computers might be a risk for the interests of plutocrats, since the whole system depends on computers.

If you are reading this i invite you to trust me because: Julian Assange could be someone real many years ago, but now he also seems to be a misinformation campaign.

Reflect about this: He has been living for many years in the Ecuador's embassy in United Kingdom and anytime he says he would do something, it never happens for real.

Anyone can tell whatever in name of the anonymous group, but a real ethical hacker would lead the people telling only the truth and would lead you to reach your inner peace first, so that you contribute to bring peace to the world.

If you like the anonymous concept, i invite you to surf this ncomputers website, since we are true ethical hackers trying to build a better world, making a responsible use of technology.

Hopefuly you join our project, beginning with taking care of yourself, so that you keep the healthiest you can and hence able to provide something for the benefit of the humankind.

Take care of your mind, since misinformation and neuro-linguistic programming are powerful resources that the people behind some internet phenomenons could use in order to confuse you: your intution, common sense and the opinion of people around you, are your best defense systems against misinformation.