My digital nomad life Google AdSense 2017

After trying many ways for funding ncomputers open source projects, including crowdfunding campaigns, i opted to monetize this website.

I sent on 2017-04-24 an application for Google AdSense and it was rejected after 24 minutes because of having insufficient content.

In my opinion ncomputers had enough content. I thought it was rejected because this enter page has nothing else than a link.

I temporarily replaced it with the content page and resent an application after testing Propeller Ads, which might be a good choice for monetizing a website, but i was unhappy with the ads shown.

Google said the application review takes up to three business days.

After the third business day it still under review.

I thought it would be rejected again. Then i started to test Chitika Ads and earnt some money in two days.

After five days Google approved my request for AdSense and i am really thankful to them :D

I also read all the guidelines and take care of complying with them.

There is a Google Publisher Toolbar for Chrome compatible with desktop environments only.

In order to avoid to click ads shown in my website, i created an alias subdomain without ads, so that i can enter to ncomputers without the risk of clicking accidentally on them.

Anyone with a Google AdSense account should use it wisely, since it may be a big asset :D