My digital nomad life AdBlock Plus 2017

This ncomputers website displays ads. Many visits of mine to my own website might be considered as an intentional method for artificially generating impressions of the ads shown here and hence result on being permanently banned from using the advertising network.

In order to completely follow the advertising program guidelines, i tried many techniques for preventing the display of ads for me.

I tried to use a special alias domain without ads, some browser toolbars and the most effective solution has been AdBlock Plus.

After testing it, i feel much more relaxed while surfing the web, since it blocks the content from a lot of advertisement.

Because of this reason i strongly recommend you to use AdBlock Plus: it is free and open source software :D

If you already know the ncomputers spirit, you would know, that we only recommend things for your benefit.

I believe that to use AdBlock Plus or any software with the same purpose is helpful for you.

To block ads decreases the earnings of monetized websites like ncomputers, and in my opinion humble webmasters give more importance to the benefit of the majority instead of their own benefit.

If you are an online advertising publisher, then this way you would avoid invalid activity while visiting your own websites and as an user you would surf a web with less advertising.

In case there are monetized websites showing ads that you would like to support, then you could contribute and whitelist them :D